Bank Zachodni WBK along with WORD Warszawa promote safety on Polish roads

Last year over 25 thousand people in Warsaw received a driving license. Educating young drivers should not end the moment they pass their tests – they have yet to get experience and have a lot of lessons to learn. This is why Bank Zachodni WBK has joined forces with Wojewódzki Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego (Voivodeship Training Centre For Drivers), in order to promote responsible behaviour behind the wheel and road safety. BSS Group is responsible for project implementation, cooperation management, and content production.

The statistics are ruthless: most road accidents are still caused by drivers between 18 and 24 years old. For almost 2 years, on behalf of Bank Zachodni WBK, BSS Group has implemented the project ‘How you drive’, which promotes drivers’ responsible behaviours, enhancing road safety.

In relation to project development, cooperation with Voivodeship Training Centre For Drivers in Warsaw has been established, in order to draw attention to the needs of educating young drivers on the local community level, in addition to social media communication gathering over 70 thousand fans. The ambassador of the campaign is one of the leading and most recognisable Polish racing drivers – Kuba Giermaziak.

In cooperation with experts, Word Warszawa BSS Group prepared educational materials addressed to people taking a driving license test, i.e. posters and handbooks ‘ABC młodego kierowcy’ (‘ABC for Young Driver’). For the project purposes, a cartoon has been created, promoting safe behaviour on the roads, broadcast in three Warsaw driver examination centres – at Odlewnicza street, Radarowa street and in the Bemowo district. In addition, every person visiting the WORD main office at Odlewnicza 8 street has a chance to take part in competition and win good-quality car kits – all it takes is answering a few questions displayed on a touch screen in Candidate Registration Room.