BSS Group as a part of LOTTO EUROVOLLEY POLAND 2017

The year 2017 in the Polish sports events calendar has been marked by CEV Men’s European Volleyball Championship LOTTO EUROVOLLEY POLAND 2017. To celebrate this special tournament, BSS Group, in cooperation with the Polish Volleyball Federation, developed and implemented a new strategy for Polish volleyball’s appearance on the internet.

This new strategy for Polish volleyball’s appearance on the internet, developed by BSS Group, opens a totally new chapter of the dialogue with volleyball fans. Not only will the channels and communication means we chose make sports emotions take over Polish sports stadiums, fan zones and their homes, but they will dominate virtual reality. As BSS Group, we are proud to have a chance to create an integrated communication platform for one of the most popular sports disciplines in Poland and for the Polish Volleyball Federation. Our goal is to integrate our exceptional fans even more, and to offer them multi-channel interactive communication with the sports community – said Agnieszka Sakowicz, the BSS Group Managing Director.

Communication with our wonderful and loyal fans is our crucial area of interest. We decided to use the most advanced and effective ways of reaching the fans. We are aware of the great potential of this sports discipline, but we also acknowledge our limitations, and that is why we need the new strategy for Polish volleyball’s appearance on the internet – said Jacek Kasprzyk, the President of Polish Volleyball Federation.

Within the cooperation with the Federation, BSS Group is responsible for project construction and functionality development of the new PVF website (, which is a user-friendly interactive multiplatform providing news and entertainment, bringing all volleyball-related internet activities together in one place. The strategy of internet promotion also involves intensified development of existing fanpages
in social media – mostly on Facebook, as well as broadening channels of reaching fans to include professional activities on YouTube and Instagram. BSS Group develops and implements complex communication activities on social media, as well as interactive competitions and quizzes along with thorough management.

All activities carried out prove that both entities care about sports competitive spirit, and the progress and development of new technologies.