Galeria Malta

Development and implementation of the strategy for the Internet appearance of Galeria Malta, one of the largest shopping centres in Poland.
Social media
in Sotrender rating at the end of 2016
Facebook fans
individual fanpage users through the year
In the first quarter of 2016 we took off with the new website for Galeria Malta. The website is distinguished by simple and modern design. Looking from a customer perspective, many useful features have been added, such as an interactive centre map, events calendar, the website has been also fully integrated with social media channels. The website is suitable for mobile devices.
Loyalty program
In April 2016, we launched a portal intended for the Galeria Malta premise lessees. Users get info on upcoming events and investments in Galeria Malta, as well as the most important news from shopping centre and retail markets. With the portal, they can easily and quickly send their own promotional materials to be published on the website and Galeria Malta Facebook fanpage.

The portal also serves as a platform for the management of the Malta Quality Awards, a loyalty program intended for Galeria Malta partners and lessees. This way Poznań shopping centre rewards its business partners, whose activity is building the entity brand.
‘Hunting the Elf’ – Snapchat promotional action
In order to increase the sales turnover in the Christmas period, we invited Poznań citizens for a ‘Hunting the Elf’ event in Galeria Malta. The action was about sending info on Elf locations in Galeria Malta on Snapchat, with the Elf giving hints on how to win prizes and coupons.

Thanks to the intuitivity of the action, as well as the use of a new tool - Snapchat, we doubled the number of our individual users, who used the app several times a day to see add notifications from Galeria Malta. During the action, we noticed around 7,000 views of snaps of Galeria Malta. Thereby the Poznań shopping centre began its activity on Snapchat.