PKN ORLEN PR sponsorship project management for Polish volleyball

PKN ORLEN actively supports Polish volleyball since 2012. In relation to the company promotional activities, we designed the strategy of PR activities and communication with fans.

After 40 years, in 2014, Poland once again won the first place in FIVB World Championship. We went from being a leading European team to be the world ace, and with a great generation of players, talented young people, professional sports league and the best fans, we have become a real role model.

In order to highlight the PKN ORLEN engagement in Polish volleyball, we created the website, with the most recent info about the sponsorship project itself, and with the news and ratings, as well as photos to be used by media.
We also took care of both external (press releases, articles in sports and marketing media), and internal (intranet communication, SMS service with sports scores for the company employees, articles in internal magazines) communication.

Physical education lesson with the Master

CSR project was a complement for PR activities related to the sponsorship of volleyball. Together with PKN ORLEN we took up the challenge to draw attention to the problem of low turnout in physical education lessons, and to encourage students to engage in sports activity. Since 2015, under the patronage of Ministry of Sport and Tourism, we implemented the project 'Physical Education Lesson with the Master'. We organised in Polish schools a series of sports lessons, within which many European, World, and Olympic champions of various disciplines supported by PLN Orlen played the role of physical education teachers. We showed to Polish kids, that a physical education lesson does not have to be a dull necessity, but can be a remarkable and inspiring adventure. We have been responsible for nationwide and marketing social media communication, and external project communication management for PKN ORLEN.

Project outcomes

  • PKN ORLEN has been unequivocally identified as a main sponsor and mercenary of Polish volleyball.
  • PKN ORLEN is a leader on fuel market in terms of knowledge, usage and preference of the brand.
  • 64% of clients has considered PKN ORLEN the sports event sponsor.
  • 52% of the surveyed drivers identified Polish volleyball with PKN ORLEN.